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Last edited on: July 2, 2018.

The Dating Project‘ documentary on DVD is available right now! This incredible Pure Flix event came to theaters this spring and is now available for you to watch from home.

The documentary followed five people ages 18-20 who are in the dating “game.” Each come from different walks of life, different parts of the U.S., and at different stages of the dating experience, but all desiring true relationships in this “hookup culture.”

Dr. Kerry Cronin of Boston College is featured throughout the documentary as she challenges her students to go on a real date in an effort to stay off their phones, quit swiping left or right, and engage in real “old-fashioned” dating practices where people meet face to face and make honest, genuine connections.

The film gives some real insight into what folks are looking for today and what elements of technology and current society exist as barriers to achieving real relationships. The daters they follow are beautiful, lovely people looking for love. Check out where to get the DVD so you can view it. It’s a great conversation starter and appropriate for teens through adults.

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