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Last edited on: August 29, 2018.

Popular classic football film ‘Rudy’ 25th anniversary event is in theaters for September 2nd only! This Fathom Event brings back an inspiring classic about an underdog who went for his dreams despite discouragement from everyone important to him, except for his best friend Pete who dies shortly after high school in a work accident.

Rudy Ruettiger was growing up in 1960s Illinois dreaming of one day playing football for the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame. After graduation, Rudy enters the workforce following his father’s footsteps and becomes a steel worker. But Rudy’s dream nags at him and though he doesn’t have the grades to attend Notre Dame, with the help of his priest, he becomes a student at a nearby junior college. Rudy then works his way into a job as a groundskeeper at Notre Dame. Homeless, he befriends his supervisor, Fortune, who lets him sleep in his office.

Rudy persists and tries repeatedly to get accepted into Notre Dame until one semester, it happens. Rudy’s story takes off from here as he is relentless in his pursuit to play football for this team and fulfill his dream.

This story of persistence, strength, and determination was released in 1993. Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Stranger Things) portrayed Rudy along with veteran actor Ned Beatty as Rudy’s father, Charles S. Dutton (Alien 3) as Fortune, and Jason Miller as Notre Dame Coach Ara Parseghian.

Visit Fathom Events for more information on where you can see this film in theaters this Labor Day weekend!

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