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Last edited on: May 10, 2016.

Experience the Wonder

For nearly 40 years, Sight and Sound Theatres has brought Bible stories to life on stage in jaw-dropping scale. With 2,000+ seat theaters in Lancaster, Pa., and Branson, Mo., more than a million people come each year to experience these original, live portrayals of faith, courage, hope and redemption.

Samson is the latest biblical epic to hit the Sight and Sound Theatres stage. Premiering March 11, 2016 in Lancaster County, Pa., this all-new, larger-than-life show is based on the Old Testament story from the book of Judges. Samson is the original superhero. He can defeat entire armies. Slay a mighty lion. But strength isn’t the secret behind his superpower. Chosen by God from birth, he’s given superhuman strength – as long as he follows the rules. And that’s where the trouble begins. Samson soon falls prey to temptation, loses his strength and sight. But has he lost hope?

Experience every emotional peak and valley as Samson battles the Philistines – and his own personal calling. Journey with this wayward man who doesn’t find his true strength until he becomes weak. Samson. It’s an unforgettable, epic thrill ride that will literally bring the house down!

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