'The Star' animated family film

‘The Star’ Animated Family Film Shines Light on Christmas

'The Star' animated family film comes to theaters nationwide November 17th, telling the story of unlikely heroes of the true Christmas story: the animals who traveled to meet Jesus. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard gets the inside information with the film's award-winning director Timothy Reckart.
A scene from 'Samson' the movie.

Family-Friendly ‘Samson’ Movie in Theaters

The beautiful redemptive 'Samson' movie in theaters shows that God uses flawed people & leaders for His divine purpose. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard reports on other movies coming this month & beyond!
Happy playful couple in love dating joking and laughing in the street of an old town in a rainy day under an umbrella. how to recognize true love

How to Recognize True Love

We learn how to recognize true love when we witness God's love for us. SCH Contributor Debra Celovsky shares about the richness & depth of the Father's love.

’12 Strong’ True Story of 9/11 Heroes in Afghanistan

Nineteen men attacked our country on 9/11 & 12 were the first to fight back.  Actor Chris Hemsworth stars in the '12 Strong' true story of 9/11 & the Special Ops mission. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard went behind the scenes with two real-life horse soldiers on this mission.