role models inspire at the movies. little girl watching a video with her golden retriever

Role Models Inspire at the Movies

Role models inspire at the movies and this week's top picks share what's fun and family friendly. SCH Editor At Large Dr. Diane Howard shares her heart and thoughts about what's in theatres.
know before you go. woman sitting in the soft sun next to her bike and a tree

Your Internal Purpose | Know Before You Go

We like to prepare for things in life: a birth, a party, a trip. There are things to know before you go and SCH contributor Eileen Koff shares how to know your purpose.
Child relaxing in a garden swing with books.

The War for Our Children’s Minds

There's a war for our children's minds. Secular books, movies & education want to steer them in the ways of the world. This new book for tweens & teens offers a whole new Christian adventure.
pregnant couple praying

Pro-Life Movement’s New Course is a Game-Changer

The pro-life movement's new course Pro-Life 101 will educate people to be equipped to make a bigger impact for ending abortion. Care Net aims to bring expectant parents to Christ while finding life solutions.