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Last edited on: July 16, 2018.

As more young and older audiences are viewing TV programs and movies over digital streaming devices and services, more and more Christian organizations are sharing wonderful content and programming via streaming to a range of devices. There are now thousands of Christian, family, and redemptive digital channels that are in the process of improving content, while keeping their copyrights, and delivering programming quickly and cost-effectively. Many of these channels are free to audiences.

At the beginning of the 21st century, TV programs became available via the Internet. For example, ITunes offered a paid service for some TV programs and series in 2005. Netflix began providing streaming content in 2007.

 Join the movement to save innocence. digital TV becomes more cost-efficient

Join the movement to save innocence. Photo Courtesy Katapy

Digital media players became available, such as Apple TV in 2007. In 2008 the Roku streaming device emerged. Amazon offered its digital media player, Amazon Fire TV, in 2014. Such digital media, streaming devices have continued in updated versions.

Access to TV programs has developed from more traditional TV access to computers, smartphones and computer tablets. Apps for mobile devices in app stores emerged in 2008. Amazon Video launched worldwide until 2016.  In 2017, YouTube launched YouTube TV. In 2015, traditional cable and satellite television providers offered Sling TV (Dish Network). Another satellite television provider, DirecTV, developed a streaming service, DirecTV Now.

digital TV becomes more cost-efficient

From Shining Light First United Methodist Temple, Texas series coming soon. Photo Courtesy Dr. Diane Howard

Since 2016, “Smart TVs” have been taking over the television market. More viewers of all ages are using streaming services as their main means for watching TV and movies. As of 2018, Netflix is the dominant streaming, internet media and entertainment company with more and more competitors.

Companies, such as Katapy, enable content providers on digital channels to serve Video On-Demand (VOD), Live, Live Linear (24/7 Programming), and Live Event-Based Media to computers, tablets, mobile phones, OTT devices, smart TVs and more.  They build custom apps and channels.

Christian TV becomes even better. digital TV becomes more cost-efficient

Christian TV becomes even better. Photo Courtesy Katapy

With Katapy, content providers stream to digital audiences to watch on their own time, on any device they choose, keeping full control over their content selection. They can help audiences get the most out of their content on their smart TV, OTT device, tablet, smartphone or computer with their own digital streaming media service powered by Katapy.

Their mobile apps support a consistent look and feel across all iOS and Android devices. Their connected TV channels support Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV. Their mission is to create the best video-streaming experience for your audience across all devices.

They are experts at building video-based apps and channels and use their combined experience and lessons learned from previous projects to deliver the best possible results in record time.

After development, they publish mobile apps and OTT channels in the appropriate app or channel store for their clients, so that audiences can purchase and/or download them for their devices. They make video apps and channels available in popular app and channel stores.

They can design and implement video websites that render and stream video perfectly on any device; applications for smartphones and tablets including iPhone®, iPad™, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire; and applications for Internet set-top boxes such as Roku® streaming player, AppleTV, FireTV and GoogleTV.

In summary, Katapy, does the following:

  • Provides efficient, cost-effective digital platform technology for screens of all sizes anywhere in the world
  • Presents, distributes with features beyond what we see today on many digital platforms
  • Can process all formats of film very quickly
  • Takes content on film and/or audio and processes them effectively
  • Provides range of digital platforms, small and massive
  • Can stream meetings in real time or delayed time to viewers all over the world
  • Has educational features, like learning management systems
  • Can use videos as stand-alone film segments or pieced-together for documentaries
Katapy provides innovative services. digital TV becomes more cost-efficient

Katapy provides innovative services. Photo Courtesy Katapy

Ongoing film/video documenting and program development for digital platforms is all the more necessary for Christian organizations because it is becoming the dominant form for seeing tv, movies, and Christian channels.

Further, with the latest developments, innovations with digital platforms, it is all the more important that content is shared by those with good communication skills and effective camera presence skills. These are not difficult to teach or learn. Even a little training goes a very long ways to reach, engage, and motivate audiences.

digital TV becomes more cost-efficient

Development for digital platforms is all the more necessary for Christian organizations. Photo Courtesy Katapy

Personally, I am producing with Katapy and through my church, a digital documentary series that will focus on role-modeling, best practice Christian living, growth, and service.  With a unique documentary approach, our digital streaming is aimed for universal application and encouragement.

Here is the teaser for our digital series . This is the format we plan to use for the first seven episodes for the digital series. We plan to use the aesthetic backdrops of our church; interviews with well-spoken, engaging leaders; and footage of vibrant, active examples that will also build in intensity to a climatic point and summarizing conclusion. See the descriptions and links for the first seven episodes (a work in progress).

For more information, go to Katapy




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  1. Christine Pointer

    It’s good to see redemptive work keeping current with medis timelines and being presented on various levels for viewers. I’m about the spreading of the Gospel in this way, as well as educational opportunities available. God bless you for all that you are doing. Continue reaching the world as you blaze new trails.


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