Five Ways to Focus on God

Do you struggle to keep your eyes on the Lord? Author Carol Round teaches us five ways to focus on God.
Small cinema with retro projector in the garden

Top Movies in Theaters Focus on Grace

For this week in May, top movies in theaters focus on grace & unity. There is an array of endearing & redemptive films coming our way this year. SCH Editor At Large Dr. Diane Howard shares what they are.
'Chappaquiddick' movie shines the truth

‘Chappaquiddick’ Movie Shines the Truth of Light on Darkness

The new 'Chappaquiddick' movie shines the truth of light on darkness in this world. The film is told through the unique perspective of Ted Kennedy, showing him as human and not just a politician from a powerful family. Hear from producer Mark Ciardi. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard reports.
Melania Trump wears a feminine white dress at the National Republican Convention demonstrating the fashion style of Melania Trump. Happy birthday First Lady Melania Trump

Happy Birthday First Lady Melania Trump

Happy birthday First Lady Melania Trump! Our first lady whose style and poise are always impeccable is celebrating her life today. Sonoma Christian Home celebrates with the FLOTUS!