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In the film by the same name, Samson is a Hebrew man with an unusual gift of strength, who must respond to the call of God on his life to lead his people out of enslavement. After his youthful ambition leads to a tragic marriage, his acts of revenge thrust him into direct conflict with the Philistine army. His brother mounts a tribal rebellion and Samson becomes involved with a Philistine seductress. However, Samson’s final surrender to the Philistines and most importantly to God turns his imprisonment and blindness into a final victory.

Samson is a powerful, timely new movie, which arrived in theaters February 2018 and is now available on DVD. It is based on the Biblical epic of a champion chosen by God to deliver Israel. In the movie Samson is captured and blinded by his enemies, after being betrayed by a wicked prince and a beautiful temptress.

Although the movie has fictional elements like the corresponding new novel, Samson – Chosen. Betrayed Redeemed by Eric Wilson (a New York Times best-selling author and recipient of the Retailers Choice Award), the film also is based on Biblical records in Judges 13-16.  Sonoma Christian Home sat down with actress Caitlyn Leahy (God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness) who plays Delilah in Samson.

SCH: How does the movie address the universal challenge of parents watching their children make bad decisions?

CL: In the film both Samson and Delilah are riddled with difficult choices. Of course, the guidance of loved ones is invaluable; but sometimes the greatest lessons are learned the hard way. I think the overall message of the film is that no matter how many times we fail and make the wrong choices God will never turn his back on us.

SCH: How does this movie relate to the effects of leaders’ inappropriate relationships with women?

CL: In the film Delilah is the victim of Prince Rallah, an abusive and manipulative man. Not only does he threaten her life; but due to his position, he has complete control over her. Delilah’s story in the film draws a direct parallel to what many women are addressing today with the #MeToo movement- men in power abusing their position, wealth and influence to take advantage of people in vulnerable positions.

SCH: How is this movie further relevant for today’s leaders?

CL: I think acknowledging and learning from our mistakes will ensure growth from all people.

SCH: How does the movie show that abused women are vulnerable to further abuse to others?

CL: Specifically,in Delilah’s case she is forced to make decisions that will determine her fate. Some of her choices compromise the lives of others and bring to question her moral integrity.

Actress Caitlin Leahy stars in'Samson.' 'Samson' movie star Caitlin Leahy

Actress Caitlin Leahy stars in’Samson.’ Photo Courtesy Pure Flix


SCH: How does the film show that God works all things for good?

CL: I’m a believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes bad things happen only to accomplish a greater purpose in the long run. Often those revelations happen with time and reflection.

SCH: How does the movie show Samson and Delilah as complex, developing characters?

CL: Delilah is commonly known as a wicked temptress; but in the film, her story is more flushed out. She is given the task to find the secret to Samson’s strength. In doing so, she is torn between love and betrayal. Samson introduces Delilah to the idea of kindness and compassion.

SCH: Do you think life’s failures can have a positive impact on our future?

CL: Yes. As difficult as it may seem at first, failures are integral to the path of success. That’s the only way we grow as individuals and as a society.

Watch the 'Samson' movie on DVD! 'Samson' movie star Caitlin Leahy

Watch the ‘Samson’ movie on DVD! Photo Courtesy Pure Flix

Samson is based on the epic Biblical tale of a man blessed with super human strength and chosen by God to deliver Israel from their arch enemies — the Philistines. But when lust, greed, and pride cause him to abandon his oath to God, Samson’s life takes an epic fall from grace. After being betrayed by an evil prince and an exotic temptress, the once invincible Samson is captured, blinded, and humiliated beyond despair.

But the story does not end there. As in all generations, we get to see how God uses flawed people and leaders for His divine purposes. In the beautiful redemptive story, we see how God uses imprisonment and blindness to ultimately win the spiritual victory over pride, greed and a wicked world. See my interview for this powerful new movie. The historical story of Samson is recorded in the Bible in Judges 13-16 in the Bible, before the reign of King David.



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