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Coping in Crisis

Are you dealing with tough times? SCH Contributor, Marion Pyle, shares 10 steps to face challenges.

How Body Electricity Defeats Cancer

Ever wonder why our immune systems don't fight cancer? SCH Contributor Marion Pyle shares a fantastic explanation of why this is and one simple thing that can get our bodies to fight off the cancer.

Curing Cancer with the Polio Virus

Is there such a thing as a cure for brain cancer? SCH Contributor Marion Pyle shares Duke University's exciting new breakthrough for curing glioblastoma with polio at their Gromeier Laboratory.

10 Healing Strategies for Cancer

SCH Contributor Marion Pyle shares wise advice on how to stay positive through tough times if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer.

God Listens

Do you feel alone when dealing with a problem? SCH Contributor Darlene Sala reminds us when people are too busy to notice, God listens with an all-consuming love.