Pensive woman feeling bored while leaning on a stack of books in a library - God makes all things work for good

God Makes All Things Work Together for Good

Marian Pyle relays that her life is sometimes chaotic and uncertain.Yet God makes all things work together for good. Read this to find out how God makes beauty from brokenness.

Why God Lets Things Happen

Sometimes life is filled with unavoidable terrible mishaps, some of which may cause us to question our faith. During these moments SCH Contributor Darlene Sala urges you to remember that God is dependable, tried and true, and infallible. Sometimes His plans are beyond our comprehension.

After the Fire – 5 Ways We Were Changed

After a devastating fire nearly claimed her life, and the life of her child, SCH Contributor Sue Detweiler reflects on the power of prayers to God that worked to save her life, and gave her the faith to trust in Him.