The Elephant in Your Room

If you have something holding you back, SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds offers you the strength to finally address it. Start today. Right now. Pray about it. Make room in your life for God.

Alcoholism Sneaks up on You

Instead of turning to alcohol for a temporary fix, SCH Contributor Jack Watts encourages you to turn to Jesus for a satisfying and long-lasting solution.
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Coping in Crisis

Are you dealing with tough times? SCH Contributor, Marion Pyle, shares 10 steps to face challenges.

Why Alcohol Kills

Have you lost someone prematurely to alcohol? SCH Contributor Jack Watts teaches why alcohol kills and why today's youth in particular are at risk.

Being Honest with Yourself

Do you want to put your painful past with alcohol behind you? SCH Contributor Jack Watts shares why being honest with yourself is pivotal and necessary for recovery.