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Last edited on: August 25, 2015.

If it is meant to be, I can’t stop it. If it isn’t God’s will, I can’t make it happen

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People turn to alcohol for many reasons, but they all have one thing in common. They are convinced it will make things better, even if it’s just for a short time. Honestly, they are correct about this. It does provide a temporary reprieve — a one-day mental health holiday.


Does it actually solve any problems? No, but it does allow the drinker to be like Miss Scarlett. It allows people to forget about what’s troubling them, putting things off for another day.


The problem is alcoholism sneaks up on you. Once it does, you not only have the original set of problems but you also have a newfound dependency on alcohol as well.


Eventually, your problem with alcohol becomes far greater than all of your other problems combined, as it relentlessly destroys the quality of your life. When this happens, if you are lucky, you will come to the end of yourself. This is when you become willing to stop drinking — cold turkey.


It’s also the time when you become willing to turn your life and your will over to God. So, if you are tired of the high cost of low living, join me now in this prayer, as we ask Almighty God to free us from the pain and destruction of our past, caused by our dependency on alcohol.



My spirit has been rejuvenated.

Even my step feels lighter,

As the burden of my past has been

Lifted from my shoulders.

Now free to walk into the future,

Unencumbered by guilt, shame, and remorse,

Which have produced self-defeating behavior,

I want my life to have more meaning

Than the mediocrity that has become my routine.

The pursuit of valueless materialism no longer

Has the appeal that it once had, which is freeing.

Even my definition of success has changed.

My spirit has been awakened, and I want

To spend each day, which You have numbered,

Doing what You would have me do—

What You have prepared for my future.


I’ve learned that I can more accurately

Understand Your leading by looking back,

Than I can by looking toward the future.

Whatever You have in store for me, Lord,

Regardless of what that might be,

This is where I want to spend my days.

Having wandered so far from You in the past,

I know the mischief I am capable of doing,

And that is not what I want for my life.

Guard my heart, Father, so that

I will not wander away from You again,

Pursuing fruitless, meaningless diversions.

Let my heart rejoice in Your ways.

Give me peace, purpose, and the resolve

To accomplish Your will each day,

For as many as I have remaining,



Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. (Psalm 19:14)

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