Girl smells sunflower in nature - God's miracle of forgiveness

God’s Miracle of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is truly a miracle. God did it when He sent His son to die for us, and He will help you forgive others in your life today. Author & Grammy-Nominated Christian Singer, Michele Pillar, shares why God's miracle of forgiveness will set you free from hurt & resentment!
Mother and child frolocking in the forest during autumn - have faith in god's promises

Have Faith In God’s Promises | The Shunammite Woman

Often overlooked, the Shunammite Woman from the Bible had unfailing hope in God's truth. Grammy-Nominated Singer & Author, Michele Pillar, shares this short, beautiful bible story and encourages us to have faith in God's promises.
A curvy road during autumn through the mountains - let god in on the little things

Let God In On The Little Things | God Interruptions

God wants us to do kingdom-building work every day of our lives, not just on mission trips or during dramatic struggles. Grammy Nominated Christian Singer and Author, Michele Pillar, shares why it is so important to let God in on the little things daily and trust He will take something small and make it life-changing.