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Last edited on: August 5, 2018.

In the video below, John Piper reminds Christians to ask God for humility.

In the modern church, humility is something that is often overlooked. We focus on Christ’s love and kindness, but sometimes we forget about our own depravity. We forget that it was our sin that separated us from God, and it was our sin that hung Jesus on that cross 2000 years ago.

Pride is a very central issue in human depravity. It’s, in essence, mere human beings disregarding the Creator and proclaiming themselves kings. God is the only true king of the universe, and when we elevate ourselves to a prideful position of authority over God, we are in complete rebellion. Pride is dangerous! In the Old Testament, powerful kings fell because they were prideful after contemplating their success. Entire kingdoms fell because they became prideful and completely rejected God as king.

But our pride should not cause us to linger in self-disgust and a sense of failure. Because God send His Son, Jesus, to die in our place, we can live free of the disease called “Self.” We can take joy in our king. We can celebrate the relationship we have with the Creator, a relationship of submission and love.

Ask God for the miracle of humility. Only He can provide the antidote.




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