Child relaxing in a garden swing with books.

The War for Our Children’s Minds

There's a war for our children's minds. Secular books, movies & education want to steer them in the ways of the world. This new book for tweens & teens offers a whole new Christian adventure.
woman reading on beach. finding purpose can reduce stress

How Finding Purpose Can Reduce Stress

Stress happens because we’re out of sync with what we’re doing for a living. Author, Speaker & Producer Phil Cooke explains how finding purpose can reduce stress.
lasting legacy in your son. mom and son playing in a field

Building a Lasting Legacy in Your Son

Never forget that you are raising a man for Christ. Rhonda Stoppe reminds mothers to build a lasting legacy in your son. Mothers' influence will shape how their son serves the Lord & loves his wife in the future!
measure up as a mom. mother and daughter smiling laying in the grass

How Do You Measure Up As a Mom?

Do you find yourself evaluating how you measure up as a mom? Are you burdened by all of the amazing pictures moms post online about the great meal they just made, the cute dress they sewed out of a pillowcase, or the way they put on their makeup with perfection? Rhonda Stoppe shares about what really makes a successful mom.