lasting legacy in your son. mom and son playing in a field

Building a Lasting Legacy in Your Son

Never forget that you are raising a man for Christ. Rhonda Stoppe reminds mothers to build a lasting legacy in your son. Mothers' influence will shape how their son serves the Lord & loves his wife in the future!
measure up as a mom. mother and daughter smiling laying in the grass

How Do You Measure Up As a Mom?

Do you find yourself evaluating how you measure up as a mom? Are you burdened by all of the amazing pictures moms post online about the great meal they just made, the cute dress they sewed out of a pillowcase, or the way they put on their makeup with perfection? Rhonda Stoppe shares about what really makes a successful mom.
from a mother to a daughter. special moment between a senior woman and her loving adult daughter standing close together outdoors

Letter from a Mother to a Daughter

The bond between a mother & her child is priceless & unbreakable. This special letter from a mother to a daughter shares an aging mother's heart as she reaches out her hand to share with her daughter about her need for compassion & patience. Happy Mother's Day!
the affirmation junkie

The Affirmation Junkie

Did you know you can become the affirmation junkie? Dr. Tracey Mitchell explains "compliments are like an adrenaline rush: they offer a quick emotional high, but before long the effects begin to wear off, the downward surge begins, and the search for the next emotional fix begins."