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Dr. Tony Evans and LifeWay Films bring a special event about True Manhood to movie theaters through Fathom Events/F.A.N. April 29 and 30. Their Kingdom Men Rising addresses God’s Purpose and Dr. Tony Evans’ case for Christian masculinity. It features the following: Dr. Tony Evans, Tony Dungy, Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Dallas Cowboys’ Jon Kitna, Jonathan Pitts and more.  

Tony Dungy

Super Bowl-winning Coach Tony Dungy

What do Heisman Trophy-winner Tim Brown, Super Bowl-winning Coach Tony Dungy, NFL Vice President Troy Vincent, Grammy Award-winners Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Jon Kitna have in common? They are all “Kingdom” men, who embrace and live out God’s true design for masculinity in a culture that seems confused about manhood.  

In the new film Kingdom Men Rising, respected pastor, author and broadcaster, Dr. Tony Evans explores the biblical intentions of masculinity and encourages believing men everywhere to take up the mantle of God’s original purpose. This documentary film is an extension of two of Evans’ books, “Kingdom Man” and “No More Excuses.”  
Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative, chaplain of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and author of over 100 books, publications, and Bible studies. He is the first African American to earn a Doctorate of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative, with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on more than 1,300 US outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. 

Dr. Evans also launched the Tony Evans Training Center in 2017, an online learning platform providing quality seminary-style courses for a fraction of the cost to any person in any place. The goal is to increase Bible literacy not only in lay people but also in those Christian leaders who cannot afford nor find the time for formal ongoing education. For more information, visit

Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Evans says, “We as men have to understand while we’re waiting on God, God’s waiting on us. He’s waiting on us to step up and become men of faith…who not only believe in God but believe God. Men who act like God is telling the truth and who walk by faith not just talk by faith…There’s a difference between being a man and being a male. You can be one without the other because you’re not taking responsibility under God. So, it is absolutely critical that we own this. We own the responsibility of calling a culture in decline back, calling men back.” 

Kingdom Men Rising explores God’s ultimate purpose for masculinity and provides an honest portrayal of today’s man that is countered by God’s original design. 

One of the featured men in Kingdom Men Rising is Jonathan Pitts, who is an author, speaker, and the executive pastor at Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee. He has served as the executive director at The Urban Alternative, the national ministry of Dr. Tony Evans in Dallas, TX.  Jonathan has co-authored two books alongside his late wife, Wynter Pitts.  He is also president and co-founder of For Girls Like You Ministries, an equipping and resourcing ministry for tween girls and their parents.  Jonathan is the father of four daughters and was blessed with 15 intentional years of marriage to Wynter. 

Jonathan Pitts

Jonathan Pitts

For Sonoma Christian Home, Dr. Diane Howard has as an exclusive, and profound interview with Jonathan Pitts:  

SCH: How do you think God defines manhood? 

JP: The world equates manhood with masculinity and strength. God defines manhood like Jesus with the fruits of the Spirit increasing in measure: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. A man defined by God submits every area of his life to God. He is a man fully surrendered to God.  

SCH: What is a Kingdom man?  

JP: The Kingdom man consistently operates under the rule of God in his life. He lives for the Kingdom and not for self. A Kingdom man is defined by God not self. The Kingdom man is ruled by God not self. The Kingdom man lives for God not self.  

SCH: What is the difference between being a male and being a man?  

JP: A man is more than a biological male. A true man lives beyond biology which includes living spiritually. 

SCH: How does God define fatherhood? 

JP:  Fatherhood from God’s perspective involves stewardship using God-given gifts to take care of others. A father is like a gardener.    

SCH: Why do children need a father? 

JP: They need role models. In watching parents, they can learn about God and His grace more clearly. The statistics stack up against those without fathers. Children need to see the Heavenly Father displayed in a small way in their fathers. 

SCH: You have four girls. Why do girls need a father?  

JP:  Girls needs to see in their father what a Kingdom Man looks like. They need a Godly role model in their father, who looks to Jesus as His role model.  

SCH: Why is the documentary Kingdom Men Rising important for our times? 

JP: There is an appetite for heroism in real men. In this documentary you see a range of Kingdom Men. You see them honestly, humbly, and authentically tell their stories. Today many learn more from films than books. They need to see and hear from humble, real, authentic Kingdom Men.   

SCH: Are there other Kingdom Men resources?  

JP: Yes, Dr. Tony Evans has a Bible study, sermons, and more on this topic. 

SCH: How are these resources found? 

JP: See

SCH: How can we study the Bible to learn what it is to be a man? 

JP: From Genesis on we see and learn what it is to be a man from God’s perspective. God is looking for men who are available and willing to carry out His purpose. God’s men are not perfect; but they are humble, repentant, and willing to be of use to Him. 

This powerful documentary explores what it means to be a real man in a modern age, addressing many of the unique circumstances facing men today. Tony Evans and the case for Christian masculinity from a Biblical perspective, draws from his own experiences to address the following topics: significance, priorities, race, passivity and more. He challenges men to step more actively into their purpose with no more sitting on the sidelines, no more excuses. 

For more information on KINGDOM MEN RISING visit  

For tickets visit: 

Further, “Kingdom Men Rising presents a unique and powerful opportunity for churches and ministries to bring men together for a life-changing experience,” said LifeWay Films’ Trent Myers. “Through their Fathom Affinity Network, Fathom gives churches the option to host screenings at local movie theaters or in their own churches, offering new possibilities for men’s outreach that we’ve never seen before.” 

Fathom Events is the leading event cinema distributor with theater locations in all top 100 DMAs® (Designated Market Areas) and ranks as one of the largest overall theater content distributors. Owned by AMC Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: AMC); Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK); and Regal Cinemas, a subsidiary of the Cineworld Group (LSE: CINE.L), Fathom Events offers a wide range of unique entertainment on the big screen. Fathom Events takes audiences behind the scenes for unique extras including audience Q&As, backstage footage and interviews with cast and crew, creating the ultimate VIP experience. Fathom Events’ live Digital Broadcast Network (“DBN”) is the largest cinema broadcast network in North America, bringing live and pre-recorded events to 975 locations and 1,578 screens in 181 DMAs.  

Kingdom Men Rising is one of a line-up of films from Fathom Events distributed to churches via the Fathom Affinity Network (FAN) in partnership with Faith Content Network, LLC (FCN), in addition to their individual theatrical runs in cinemas across the country.  

Fathom Events is now working with churches to bring their special faith and family events to their facilities and communities.  This is an opportunity for churches to provide special screenings of first-run faith and family movies.  Fathom Events and Faith Content Network, LLC has announced the launch of FAN with the mission of bringing top faith and inspirational content to nearly 800 churches nationwide. FAN supports a network of churches to offer a way to reach underserved audiences across the country. 

It is free for a church to host a FAN event, once they are approved and eligible. The FAITH CONTENT NETWORK is a network of churches that presents new, faith-driven, theatrical events available in tandem with their exclusive Fathom event. Churches no longer have to wait months after a movie releases in theaters to show the film in their church facilities! 

Churches can now host faith and family, Christ-centered content including feature films, documentaries, concerts, and more – at the same time they are being shown in theaters. Programming will be ticketed events and eligible churches can share in the box office receipts. 

All of the films are broadcast via Simulcast, so there is no requirement for the purchase of any special equipment for a host. All a church host needs is the following: a good, strong internet connection in order to stream the simulcast in real-time, a computer, and input to a viewing device (projector, television, receiver, etc.). 

Churches that sign up to host a movie event will receive confirmation of eligibility by FCN and, once approved, receive a Digital Marketing Kit to help promote each movie event 

It’s FREE to be a host site; however, FAN has limited availability and coverage restrictions for each film. By signing up to be a member of Faith Content Network, a church can be first in line to host events available in their area.   

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