Beautiful woman on road trip in car wearing flannel and sunglasses during sunset - what is true beauty

What is True Beauty?

In today's society, the definition of beauty is often misconstrued. But, by knowing our identity in Christ, we will never have to ask the question, "What is true beauty?"
Turquoise suede and satin high heel shoes and purple flowers on white background - Choosing the right shoes

Make Positive Choices | Choosing the Right Shoes

Every morning we have the opportunity to make choices: what to wear, what to eat, and how to feel. SCH Contributor Juliann Stitick teaches us how even choosing the right shoes can help us feel and look utterly fabulous!

Button Up Shirt | Summer 2016 Fashion Trend

The button-up shirt is making a comeback as one of summer 2016's biggest fashion trends! Take a look at these five completely different—and effortless—ways to style this classic favorite.
Wedding Couple Kiss Rose Petals Spring SCH

Wedding Style – Focus on Love

Weddings often bring a lot of stress, SCH Contributor Nise Davies reminds new brides and their mothers to focus on love during the season of wedding planning.
Ben Davies Stop Human Trafficking Bracelet

Fashion With Passion

How do you use fashion to share your passion? For some people, like Courageous film star, Ben Davies, fashion is a way he shows his support for a cause he is passionate about.

Wardrobe Essentials

Desmore Nero shares her secrets to the best wardrobe staples. "Black clothing pieces form an integral part of our basic wardrobe. Here are 5 must have stylish black wardrobe staples to give you an excellent platform to build on."