will to be filled. green plant in window light

Will to Be Filled

Christ is the potter and we are the clay. Do you have a will to be filled with His Spirit? SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman rejoices in the beauty of God's work in our lives.
two children gardening outside with plants and flowers - sustainable gardening

Sustainable Gardening | Having God In Your Garden

As caretakers of the beautiful Earth that God created and entrusted us with, we must do our part to help the environment. SCH Contributor and Gardener, Marianne Farrier, teaches us how to care for the Earth through sustainable gardening.
close up of colorful succulents with purple and green colors - garden with succulents

How To Garden With Succulents

Looking for an inexpensive, low maintenance way to start gardening? Today, Donna Jones explains why we all should garden with succulents.
find the holy ground yellow flowers in two white bird cages, decorative bird cage

How to Use a Decorative Bird Cage!

SCH Contributor and Sonoma Photographer, Donna Jones shares stunning photos and tips for using a decorative bird cage. Spark your creativity with these ideas.
Hands Holding Raspberries Russian River Raspberries

Russian River Raspberries

Russian River Raspberries (RRR) is a local (Santa Rosa) farm selling fresh, organic, pesticide-free raspberries. "Our promise to our shareholders is that we will harvest your order the day you pick it up," says owner John Semans.