Ferrari-Carano Winery | Tulip Gardens

SCH Contributor and Sonoma Photographer Donna Jones takes us to the beautiful Ferrari-Carano winery and garden in Healdsburg, a place where daffodils and tulips blanket the grounds.
mustard fields in Sonoma by Donna Jones

Mustard Fields in Sonoma

Each year during the otherwise dreary months between January and March, wild mustard turns the fields and vineyards a vivid yellow and brightens winter days.

Gardening With Raised Beds

Here in the wine country the combination of rich soil and exceptional climate make it easy to have a plentiful garden. SCH Contributor and Sonoma Photographer, Donna Jones shares some helpful gardening tips along with some of her gorgeous photos.

An Easter Celebration in Photography

Northern California photographer, and SCH contributor Donna Jones creates a majestic story of Easter through her artistic blending of gardening photography and Holy Scripture.

Orchids Gone Wild

SCH Contributor Merry Powell gives great advice on both keeping your orchids healthy and using them to brighten up your home!
beautiful spring purple wildflowers in a field - creativity and a spiritual life

Wildflower Ways

Ever feel like you're in a ditch? SCH Gardening Editor, Marianne Farrier, shares that God wants us to grow where He planted us.