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Last edited on: June 29, 2016.

Have you jumped on the newest gardening trend? Succulents are low maintenance, cheap and can spice up any space, no matter your budget or your gardening abilities! Donna Jones will guide you on a photographic inspiration post, guaranteed to get you to garden with succulents.




OK, I know, I’ve been talking about gardening with succulents a lot lately. But, they’re addictive! Those cute little 2″ pots for $2 are irresistible! Everywhere you turn there’s a container that seems just perfect!  Since I’ve already shown how to plant them in nearly anything I’ll just leave you this week with a little succulent inspiration….so go out, grab a few small containers, a few plants and have some fun!


While most people spend a lot of time gardening outside, having succulents allows you to bring some green indoors. Have a vase or planter that is just sitting around unused and needs some TLC? See  how fantastic this looks and how it would stand out on a coffee table or your dining room table!



Throwing a dinner party soon? You can use small, sturdy fruit such as lemons, pumpkins, watermelons or squash to be a container for succulents. Simply hollow out the fruit and decorate as you see fit! These would look great as place holder for a dinner party. Simply print out the names of each guest and place next to their place setting at your table.



Need a new way to use a favorite coffee mug? This idea is quick and will instantly brighten your desk or window sill.



You can find Donna Jones and more of her fantastic work online here. 

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