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Last edited on: July 22, 2016.

We live in an older home with dark wood floors. I’m always looking for a way to brighten things up. Isn’t that why everyone loves Instagram? Fun accents, a pop of color and an airy feel to a room brighten your home decor.

Today, Donna Jones has some great information to brighten your home decor and create the feeling you are looking for.

Walking through a vintage shop in Healdsburg I spotted a shallow Mason jar on a pedestal…it was labeled a “Red Neck” wine glass and was marked $8.00. I thought it looked more like a vase or a planter and I was certain I could make it for less.

A quick stop at Walmart for some shallow Mason jars, a run by the Dollar Store for some clear candle sticks, and some glass glue I had at home and I had four new vases for $2.00 each! Glue the jar to the pedestal, add a little flower “frog” to hold your flowers upright and you have a lovely centerpiece!

You can also plant succulents in these little pedestal vases for a unique centerpiece!

Try making a few today. They’re easy, inexpensive and fun.

If you can’t find a flower frog or you are making the arrangement as a gift (which I was doing for a sweet friend who just had a baby) and don’t want to lose your flower frog…..cut a piece of floral foam to fit your “vase” and it will be even easier to insert the flowers and it will keep them upright and fresh! The foam is available at most craft stores.

There are two kinds: one for fresh flowers and one for dried flowers. Be sure to get the kind for fresh. I had to cheat on this one and use the dry flower foam. It worked but it’s hard to pre-punch holes to get the flowers into the hard foam and it probably won’t keep them fresh as long!

If you have any ideas for DIY vases please share in the comments for us all to try!

You can find more from Donna Jones here.

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