elegant dining table with tulip floral arrangement - brighten your home decor

3 Ways To Brighten Your Home Decor

Looking for some ways to brighten your home decor? SCH Contributor & Photographer Donna Jones has some great ideas to boost the appeal of your home.
veggies in a blue colander with child's green gardening shoes - easy veggies to grow

10 Easy Veggies To Grow

Love fresh vegetables but worried about the work it takes to plant them? Photographer Donna Jones has 10 easy veggies to grow in your garden.
close up of colorful succulents with purple and green colors - garden with succulents

How To Garden With Succulents

Looking for an inexpensive, low maintenance way to start gardening? Today, Donna Jones explains why we all should garden with succulents.
closeup of red cherries with stems - visiting Imwalle Gardens in Sonoma County

Visiting Imwalle Gardens In Sonoma County

If you need a road trip in Southern California, here it is. Join SCH Contributor and Photographer, Donna Jones for her trip visiting Imwalle Gardens in Sonoma County.

Ferrari-Carano Winery | Tulip Gardens

SCH Contributor and Sonoma Photographer Donna Jones takes us to the beautiful Ferrari-Carano winery and garden in Healdsburg, a place where daffodils and tulips blanket the grounds.
mustard fields in Sonoma by Donna Jones

Mustard Fields in Sonoma

Each year during the otherwise dreary months between January and March, wild mustard turns the fields and vineyards a vivid yellow and brightens winter days.