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Last edited on: June 28, 2016.

On June 21, CBS reported  Finding Dory is not only shattering box office records, but is shattering stereotypes about disabilities. They point out that many Disney movies often have leading characters that have disabilities and overcome as underdogs.

Dr. Tom Snyder of Movieguide (R), reports from a press conference for Finding Dory  and quotes Writer/Director Andrew Stanton, “Just keep swimming was a mantra that was taught to us in the first movie,” Stanton said. “And, I think what I needed to do was make that personal for her. She didn’t realize that it was actually something taught to her by her parents…” Dr. Snyder also quotes comic actor Eugene Levy who plays Dory’s long-lost father, “…I think the greatest storylines, as evident in this movie, have to do with family, because that’s the one thing that’s most important in all our lives… a dad and a child, those are the stories that resonate with me because they’re about something tangible and real.”

The Crux has published an insightful article about the redemptive and family nature of many Disney, Pixar movies. Steven Greydanus discusses the moral clarity and lessons in family relationships in many Pixar movies as the leading characters learn the value of honoring parents and parents learn the value of supporting their children.

Chris Queen for PJ Media has thoughtfully discussed family values in Disney movies. Walt Disney loved his daughters and grandchildren. He spent his life providing quality entertainment for families. He designed his theme parks and films to be fun for parents as well as children. In many Disney movies, are universal themes about biblical family values: honoring parents, guiding children, encouraging determination, showing mutual support, giving love, exercising patience, giving forgiveness and much more. Many Disney, Pixar movies provides wonderful entertainment and opportunities for valuable discussion in intergenerational families.

In our present darkness, it is refreshing and encouraging to see a Disney movie that entertains and enlightens with innocence and hope.

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