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About RRR:

Russian River Raspberries (RRR) is a local (Santa Rosa) farm selling fresh, organic, pesticide-free raspberries. “Our promise to our shareholders is that we will harvest your order the day you pick it up,” says owner John Semans.

Family Farming History:

My father started farming on 300 acres in Southern California in the late 50s. I grew up working on the farm doing everything from watering trees, hoeing weeds, and picking apples.

About our Family:

After college I started a career as a software engineer but never lost my love for farming. I’ve always experimented with growing different things wherever we have lived. As my wife Amy and I were raising our family, we made a point to involve our children in growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in our garden. Two years ago, I experimented with raspberries and was very pleased with the result. This led to starting Russian River Raspberries in 2011. I am happy to report that each family member is actively involved in the business, all the way from the business manager who is in charge of social media, to youngest planter!


Delivery Model:

RRR’s main focus is to sell “shares” (aka CSA subscriptions) of the year’s harvest directly to our customers. RRR’s goal is to sell-out the harvest, pre-season, by selling shares. This model allows our customers to get fruit picked at the peak of ripeness instead of fruit picked early for shipping and storage. This also allows the customer to get better connected with their food by seeing, first hand, the farm, and the growing process. For the farmer, this allows the season’s harvest to be pre-sold.

For more information about ordering shares visit our website.





Photography by Emily Semans

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  1. Diane Semans

    Your pictures are beautiful! All my friends want some raspberries now! Next time we get together we’ll give you a list. Can’t wait to try some…my mouth is starting to water!


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