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Last edited on: August 8, 2017.

Our beloved black lab of 13 years has gone on to the “happy hunting grounds”.

Bare with me as I share some beloved memories of my long time pet, companion and family member.

As most pets, she had a plethora of nick names, one of them being Mary Poppins…

mary 5

She was one of those rare dogs that really was practically perfect in every way!! When we brought her home she was 6 weeks old and a little black ball of puppy. We had an excellent training book that we followed to the letter…… however, our maine coon cat is responsible for a lot of her attributes.

First. She was an excellent mouser. That’s right. She loved to get mice, and would root around after them like a pig after truffles!

Second. She would lick her paws and clean her face. Just like her mother taught her. In fact, the cat would pull her face down with her claws ever so gently and groom her! It was several years before I found out that this was not normal for a dog to do!!

Third, she would beg for food for the cat. Momma needs some niblets, and she’ll get them any way she can.

Black labs are water dogs and bird dogs. But you must know you are a dog in order for these traits to be fulfilled! She protected the chickens and choked on water. Poor Katie, she even thought the neighbor dogs would pet her if she leaned up against the fence towards them!

She was a country dog and loved to sit on the porch like a perch and watch the “happenings” of the neighborhood. She never ran away. When you are unconditionally loved and secure in who you are, there is no need to run or rebel.  Hmmm…. there could be a life lesson there….ya think?

And for most of her life she lived in a house with a white couch!






Now, I don’t know how many times I have heard that someone could never have a white couch with kids and dogs, but I did. Granted, we didn’t let her on the couch, but the kids (and husband) transfer dog hair just the same.

Washable slip covers are the key. What’s a little extra work to have everything and everyone compatible?! It was worth it for me.

That being said, I will admit, after perusing my pinterest boards, today I might lean towards a grey linen!



Some days I just feel a little more dark and dusky!

And I am really loving darker linens for the bedroom.

black linencloser black linenblcklinen decorating with dogs

Thank you for listening as I share a small glimpse into my family life.

Life always has beginnings and ends, but the Lord blesses us with grace for living in the inbetweens.


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