beautiful white and steel living room - how to decorate with steel

How to Decorate With Steel

Once used strictly in industrial areas, steel is making its way back into homes as a warm contrast to rustic wood. Learn how practical steel can be, and bring the beauty of the outdoors in!

Sweet Memories of Mom

What better way to celebrate memories of Mom than bringing out the things she loved. SCH Contributor Cindy Gardner shares about some of the things that make Mom special.
decorating with dogs. pug looking out window

Decorating with Dogs in Mind

Interior Decorator Cindy Gardner shares her simple solution to bringing white decor into a home with dogs. Learn how decorating with dogs still means you can have nice things in your home.

Symmetry in Your Garden

SCH Contributor, Cindy Gardner, shows us the beautiful balance of symmetry by adding a touch of balance, harmony and #proportion to our homes.