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Last edited on: May 18, 2016.

A trip to Beverly’s or Michael’s crafts usually means a visit to the sale section. My eye was caught by the decorative bird cage. It is a timeless buy.  A few weeks ago so I picked up a few and finally figured out what to do with them!

You can use them as bird feeders! Just put a saucer filled with seed inside-they love it! When you decide to use them as bird feeders keep in mind where they are located. A wrought iron decorative bird cage will fair better in wetter weather than a wooden one.

white bird cage feeder, decorative bird cage

A great unconventional but beautiful use of a bird cage is to display your plants. Stuff it will smaller potter plants or use is as a base for a lovely crawling vine. Your bird cage will be a lovely plant holder for your spring and summer blooms.

black bird cage planter, decorative bird cage


Mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs can be kept away by using your bird cage as a place for your citronella candles. Not only does it keep the bugs away, it is a beautiful BBQ decoration and keeps candles in a safe place. You can use this same idea of putting candles inside your decorative bird cage in your home. It makes a romantic luminary.

white bird cage with candles, decorative bird cage


It’s fun to “re-purpose” things! Even an empty bird cage can be appealing. Apply a little creativity and don’t be afraid to try out any ideas for your bird cage. It is a multi-purpose decoration that can last all year long.


All photos by Donna Jones

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