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Last edited on: May 14, 2015.

Whenever you go through a trial, are you quick to ask, “Why me”?

When life is hard, and things don’t go your way, are you tempted to question The Lord’s goodness, complain, and lose sight of God amidst the storm?

What if your trial is not about you. What if the Lord has allowed–dare I say caused–the calamity for a greater good? Listen to Georgene’s story…

When Barry Bandara was in middle school his father lost his position as youth pastor at their church. The heartache and disappointment his father experienced reverberated through their family.

Barry’s mother, Georgene, determined to draw near to the Lord amidst the trial. Her faithful response made a strong impression on each of her five children. Barry says this about his mother:

“The most influential moment my mom had on my life was when I was in the seventh grade, and my dad had been severely hurt in the ministry and found himself jumping from job to job. In frustration I asked, “Why doesn’t God do something to help dad?”

My mother could tell that I was getting upset with God. With tears running down her cheeks, she cried out to God, “Lord, please protect my son from becoming bitter toward You.”

I absolutely believe that I would have never become a pastor if she had answered me out of the deep hurt in her heart.”

At a vulnerable age, Barry went through a painful experience that could have sent him into rebellion against God.

Had Georgene wallowed in her sorrow, voiced angry disappointment to her family, or focused upon the circumstances rather than God, she probably would have lost sight of her ministry to her children. And she likely would have forfeited the opportunity to point Barry in the right direction.

And what became of her son, Barry? He grew up to be a pastor and author of the book, Dream House (Overboard Books, 2011).

Amidst tremendous trials, Georgene’s sincere faith and godly relationship with her son helped her to raise him to be a man who would go on to serve the Lord.

Just as Barry could trust his mother’s advice because she lived the message she taught, so you will earn the confidence of your son if you display genuine faith.

When you react to life’s circumstances with a calm assurance in the Lord, your response will do more to validate your testimony to your son than your words ever can. Have you ever considered that the Lord may allow you to go through trials to validate your testimony to your son?*




*Excerpt from Moms Raising Sons to Be Men

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