Making Love Your Language

Having trouble communicating with your spouse? Start making love your language! SCH Contributor Carolyn Dunn reminds us that we each spell love differently, and that you should use the love language your spouse can best recognize and receive, not necessarily the one you speak.

Take Time For Love

Are you juggling a productive work life and an effective home life while letting the emotional side slip into the cracks? SCH Contributor Carolyn Dunn shares ideas on how to inject some fun with our friends, some whimsy for our children, and some romance for our spouse.

4 Vital Principles in Making Life Choices

You can face many decisions a day, some of which can be life changing. SCH Contributor Carolyn Dunn reminds us how to wisely make with the help of our awesome God.

When You Have a Problem with Clutter

Be honest - how much paperwork is on your desk, kitchen counter, coffee table? SCH Contributor and Life Coach Carolyn Dunn provides encouragement for when you have a problem with clutter.