secrets in the snow

Secrets In The Snow – Movie Review

Hanging out with people you didn't choose can make things uncomfortable, especially if the mask you wear tumbles off to reveal the secrets beneath.
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Clancy Movie Review

You won't find warm and fuzzy in CLANCY. What you will uncover is a child forced to make adult decisions when her mother chooses a life of addiction.
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Pray 3D: The Storm – Movie Review

No blood and gore here, though it may leave the PG-13 crowd shaking in their boots! Bring earplugs to "Pray 3D" if screaming is not your thing.
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Rogue Saints Movie Review

Christian comedy "Rogue Saints," winner of the 2012 Kingdomwood Film Festival's Award of Excellence, is "one of the best Christian films ever produced!"
25 hill

25 Hill – Movie Review

Whether you're racing downhill or struggling uphill, 25 Hill shows that the journey is better with a friend and there is more to life than a checkered flag.
amazing spider-man

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has great action, fantastic special effects, and a strong story with compelling characters. Sounds like a summer blockbuster to me!