How to Plan Out Your Garden

Want to plant a garden but not sure where to start? SCH Contributor Marianne Farrier shares helpful tips derived from years of experience for how to plan out your garden.

Weeding the Garden of the Soul

Does anyone actually enjoy weeding? SCH Contributor Marianne Farrier does, and she reminds us not to forget the personal weeding in tending the garden of the soul.

Having God in Your Garden

Who doesn’t want a garden buzzing with bees, caressed by butterflies, and aflutter with happy birds? SCH Contributor Marianne Farrier shares what it's like having God in your garden.

The Master’s Garden

How many times do we insist on our own way and not ask Our Father’s will for us? He gives us so much more than a teensy bit of soil and droplets of water. Are we not members of the body of Christ, a much larger garden?

There’s Still Time for Roses

SCH Gardening Editor Marianne Farrier, shares her love of roses and offers gardening tips for how to get the most from your rose garden.