how to build your dream house

How To Build Your Dream House

We examine every detail of our soon to be new home, yet the building will age and the new paint will fade. SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee shares the truth of a foundation and home rooted in love and family.
child and dog diving in pool

When You’re Scared to Take that Leap

Throughout life's journey we come face to face with situations that require the risk of rejection or pain. Jennifer Dukes Lee helps us discover the meaning of true courage & what to do if you're scared to take that leap.

When It Seems Like It’s Just One Trouble After the Next

"In this world you will have trouble..." we often remember as life overwhelms us. SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee declares the truth of Jesus' words following which we often forget, "But take heart! I have overcome the world!" Rejoice in this proclamation!