men in black

Men in Black III

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back as Agents J and K, and this time around, Agent K has been erased from the timeline. Along the way, J learns how the events of the past shaped his relationships, and ultimately his life, in the present.

Battleship – Movie Review

Aliens, alerted to Earth’s presence by a scientific, high-powered signal shot into deep space, have come to annihilate mankind with staggeringly advanced technology and weaponry. Earth’s only defense? Battleships. And the guy from Friday Night Lights.
The-Pirates-Band-of-Misfits Feature

Pirates: Band of Misfits

It's a fun romp, but over half the audience will miss most of the jokes in Pirates: Band of Misfits--you really have to look in the background to get most of them--and unfortunately, the cleverness is much too few and far between.
wrath of the titans

Wrath of the Titans

If you’re going to the movies to forget about reality for a couple hours and enjoy a movie that reads like a 7th grader’s Cliff Notes report of Lord of the Rings, try Wrath.


Overall, it’s a renter, at best. Alvin does learn lessons about responsibility and asking forgiveness, which would’ve been at least redeemable if that was the final message of the movie.