happy couple on roadtrip - how to know if you're dating for keeps

How to Know if You’re Dating for Keeps

If the man you're dating the man you should one day marry? SCH Contributor, Diane Paddison, gives heartfelt and honest advice on how to know if you're dating for keeps and how to prepare for a serious, godly relationship.
brunette in blue outside in summer - trouble at work

When You Get In Trouble At Work

How does your faith affect your reactions to getting in trouble at work? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison has some great advice for maintaining integrity in the workplace.
Two blue birds on a flowered limb at sunrise - sharing faith in the workplace

Sharing Faith In The Workplace

How comfortable do you feel sharing faith in the workplace? Author & SCH Contributor Diane Paddison has uplifting career and spiritual advice today about loving Jesus and telling others about your faith.
mom and teen daughter together in a field at sunset - stay at home mom returning to work

Before A Stay At Home Mom Returns To Work

Have you taken time off to raise a family and are considering returning to work? SCH Contributor and Founder of 4Word Diane Paddison details what you need to know before re-entering the work force.

How To Love Someone Better | Love What They Love

Diane Paddison teaches us how to love someone better through the story of Ellen and Clayton Kershaw, who have pursued each other AND each other’s passions. Make an effort to invest in something beloved by someone you love today, and you’ll be amazed by the results.
Young wedding couple enjoying romantic moments outside on a summer meadow - finding a godly husband

3 Rules For Finding A Godly Husband

Finding a godly husband can seem impossible, but not if you have the right rules in place. SCH Contributor and 4word Founder, Dianne Paddison has 3 rules every single girl needs.