Inspiration for a Colorful Summer Garden

Looking for inspiration to create your summer garden? SCH Contributor Donna Jones shares gorgeous colorful flowers and gardening tips from the secret hidden gardens of Santa Rosa.
succulents up close with green and pink highlights - garden with succulents

Succulent Birdbath

Do you love succulents? SCH Contributor Donna Jones shares another great tip for growing succulents in a birdbath.

The Wonder of Baby’s Breath

Do you love decorating with flowers? SCH Contributor Donna Jones shares tips on how to plant and grow the precious but sturdy Baby’s Breath in your fall garden.

How To Make Sunflower Bouquets

SCH Gardening Editor Donna Jones shares how to create and use sunflower bouquets to transition your home style from summer to fall.

An Easter Celebration in Photography

Northern California photographer, and SCH contributor Donna Jones creates a majestic story of Easter through her artistic blending of gardening photography and Holy Scripture.