Hand cupping water in River around mountains - God's glad news is the gospel

God’s Glad News is the Gospel

God's Glad News is the Gospel for the human race, written by clear revelation. It shows us how we can be saved from hell and enjoy eternal life with God.

God Loved You When He Created You

There is one, and only ONE LIVING GOD. He made all the intricate parts of our being and created us for His purposes and His glory. SCH Contributor Samy Tanagho reminds us we are custom-designed by our Creator with a plan and a purpose.
true followers of Christ

True Followers of Christ

The evidence of the new birth is the presence of the Holy Spirit within, confirming a person to be God's child. True followers of Christ have experienced this new birth. Have you?
forgiveness through faith

Forgiveness Through Faith

Drink from the well of God's grace so your soul can be satisfied. There is forgiveness through faith & discover unimaginable peace.
morning-dew new life flower budding up from green grass SCH you must be born again

You Must Be Born Again

Certainly, you will enjoy an unimaginable inner peace, which fills your inner most being, but you must be born again.
the grace of God

The Grace of God

God wants you to obtain and enjoy His salvation as a gift. It's not something you can earn. The grace of God is freely given.