God loves you

Wherever You Are, God Loves You

God is greater than a person's mistakes. No matter where you are in life or what you're doing, God loves you. Consider the heart He has for you.
the grace of god

The Grace of God

Ever feel undeserving of the grace of God? SCH Contributor Samy Taganho reminds us that God wants you to obtain and enjoy His salvation as a gift.
Forgiveness through faith

Forgiveness Through Faith

God grants us forgiveness through faith. SCH Contributor Samy Tanagho explains how He is asking you to respond in faith so you can experience His grace and forgiveness to save your soul from suffering forever.
An Old Road beside a Wooden Fence underneath a Blue Sky - God is greater than our sin

God is greater than our sin

Author & speaker Samy Tanagho encourages readers with the truth that God is greater than our sin. He will not give up on us no matter what our current failures are.
Jesus Prays with a Crown of Thorns on his head - God's great rescue plan

God’s Great Rescue Plan

Author Samy Tanagho reveals that the God of the Bible has not stood still waiting for us to find Him. God's great rescue plan came to us in the person of Jesus Christ!
The northern lights over the mountains at night - The universe reflects the glory of God

The Universe Reflects the Glory of God

Author & speaker Samy Tanagho describes the intricacies of God's creation. He explains that the universe reflects the glory of God which leads us to worship him.