How Prayer Can Build Your Marriage- Part II

Pastor Steve Carr continues his series with two more benefits of praying with your spouse. However, it's not enough to know what to do, so Pastor Steve shares some practical tips on getting started and making the necessary changes.

How Prayer Can Build Your Marriage- Part I

How often do you pray with your spouse? If the answer is only at mealtimes, SCH Contributor Steve Carr provides expert advice on how you can deepen your relationship with your spouse and God through communal prayer.

How to Build Friendship in Your Marriage- Part IV

Trust is a fundamental key to the marital relationship God wants to build in your home. He wants you to love your spouse enough to trust that he or she will be faithful and honor the commitments of your marriage vows.

How to Build Friendship in Your Marriage- Part II

Love and a desire for renewed friendship will always seek reconciliation. Examine your own heart as to where you have not been a good friend or have failed to be loving. Confess it to your spouse and ask forgiveness. If you want the friendship and romance to grow in your marriage, you must resolve the conflicts. If you desire to build friendship within your marriage relationship, sensitivity to your mate’s requests is fundamental. You must begin to listen to what your spouse is telling you concerning his or her needs and actively seek to respond in a loving way. You must possess the same heart and take the same action of loving reconciliation as Jesus did.
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How to Build Friendship in Your Marriage- Part I

If you desire to grow as friends and to see the romance in your marriage increase, you must increase truthful communication. This requires that you set time aside to encourage growth in this area. Ask God for an honesty to be able to talk about all things. Remembering to speak the truth in love will enable you both to avoid any conflicts that may result. Don’t miss the joy to be found in communicating with your spouse!