Happy young couple smiling on bridge downtown - how prayer can build your marriage

How Prayer Can Build Your Marriage | Part I

How often do you pray with your spouse? If the answer is only at mealtimes, SCH Contributor Steve Carr provides expert advice on how prayer can build your marriage and deepen your relationship with God and your spouse.
Cheerful couple riding bike in forest smiling wearing flannel - Strong communication in marriage

Build Strong Communication in Marriage

Great, godly marriages are a result of solid and honest communication between a husband and wife. SCH contributor and Pastor Steve Carr give tips on how to build strong communication in your own marriage that you can practice today.
Wedding Couple Affection Kiss She is my one and only

What Hinders Communication in Your Marriage? – Part I

SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr reminds us that whenever you find a successful marriage, you will always find two people who have become skilled at communication. In Part I of his series, he shares one major factor that may be hindering the communication between you and your spouse.

What it Means to Love Your Spouse – Part IV

In his fourth and final chapter, SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr, wraps up the series with tips to practice showing gentleness toward your spouse and how to cultivate a forgiving spirit in your home.

What It Means to Love Your Spouse – Part III

How do you love your spouse? SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr tells us how to demonstrate that you understand your spouse's needs through helpful actions that deliver them from their hardship or suffering.