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Last edited on: June 12, 2016.

To build strong communication in marriage, you must first build an intimate relationship with God. Pastor Steve Carr shares his tips on how to help your marriage flourish.

When God is at work filling you with His love and teaching you His Word,
you can’t help but have something to talk about.

1. Establish intimacy with God and find His help for change. Here is where you get the power to change in the areas where you have been failing.  When God is at work filling you with His love and teaching you His Word, you can’t help but have something to talk about.  Establishing this intimacy with God will inspire the most important communication between you, the sharing of spiritual things.  When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, they went everywhere sharing Christ. When they were commanded not to speak anymore in His name their response was, We cannot but speak the things we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).  God was at work in their lives and they had to share it with someone.  David experienced the same drive to communicate what God was doing in his life.  He said, Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will declare what He has done for my soul” (Psalm 66:16).  What is the Lord doing in your life?  Are you sharing that with your mate?  The kind of relationship you have with the Lord, will naturally translate into your relationship with others and especially with your spouse.  Your relationship  and communion with Christ is where strong communication in marriage and with your mate begins.

If you are not walking with Christ at this time and have never made a personal commitment to Him, this is the primary reason why you are struggling in marriage and in your ability to communicate.  He can dramatically change your entire life, but you will never experience it without a personal relationship with Him.  You can start this relationship by simply acknowledging your sin to Him in prayer, asking Him to forgive you and come into your life.  If you really want to change, He can help you do it.  Take a moment right now to communicate with Him in prayer, and ask Him to come into your life.  You won’t be disappointed!

If you are a Christian, you can also be greatly hindered in your ability to effectively communicate by simply having sporadic devotions or no devotions at all.  This is because when you are spiritually dry, you will have no power or joy to communicate with others.  Let me illustrate.  Think of the times when you have struggled spiritually and you have seen another Christian in a store, what did you do?  Did you run up to this individual with an overwhelming desire to fellowship, or did you turn and walk another way so you wouldn’t have to talk to him?  The answer is obvious, you don’t  want to talk to another person when you are discouraged or depressed; it’s the last thing you want to do.  When you aren’t growing spiritually the same thing will happen at home.  You won’t have any desire to communicate with your spouse either.  You will naturally retreat from communication with your partner.

Therefore, return to the Lord and ask Him for His help.  Renew your relationship with Him, then the desire, power, and love you need to communicate with your spouse will begin to flow again.

2. Acknowledge your faults. This will take some brutal honesty in your own heart.  Stop now and look back over your attitudes, words, and actions.  Where have you been failing in your communication with your mate?  You must first acknowledge your faults if you desire to see anything change.

Next, go and acknowledge these faults to your spouse, asking his or her forgiveness.  Tell your mate that you truly want to change in these areas.  Your spouse will probably be amazed that you would honestly confess to these things without being forced to do so.  When you take this action, your ability to communicate will take a dramatic step forward.  Acknowledging and reconciling your faults with your spouse is half the battle.

Follow the link to find part three in Pastor Steve Carr’s series on Communication in Marriage.

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