what seems impossible beautiful mountain view and waterfall

What Seems Impossible For You Today?

SCH contributor, Jennifer Dukes Lee, reminds us that miracles often have very small beginnings. What seems impossible for us is completely doable for God!

When The Storms Rage On

Don't forget you are in God's mighty hands! SCH contributor, Jennifer Dukes Lee, encourages us to remember that God is carrying us through every storm in this life and will bring us out renewed!

For Anyone Who Feels Like A Failure

Take it to Jesus! SCH contributor, Jennifer Dukes Lee, reminds us that our value does not come from what we do in the world. Be encouraged by these scriptures!

Living with Intention in a Chaotic World

Do you sometimes feel that you aren't fulfilling your aspirations in life? SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee imparts truths about living our lives with purpose and meaning and rebukes cultural  thinking that  ”living intentionally” means making a name for yourself, climbing higher and adding another line to the resume.

What It Means to Serve Like Jesus

Sometimes you might never know the name of the stranger who enters your life for the sole purpose of washing your feet. And if you’re the foot washer, they might never see your face. Jennifer Dukes Lee shares on the gift of serving.

Go Easy On You… You’re Only Human

SCH contributor, Jennifer Dukes Lee, reminds us that our lives do not have to be perfect for God to work through them. We can find real happiness and freedom by settling into our identity as beloved children of God.