Fantasy & Temptation – Fantasy Island Part II

Pastor Kenny Luck exhorts our men to stand strong. "God is not a fan of fantasy. God is big on truth and reality. It is God’s will that we grow up and become mature adults who know how to navigate the tensions of life; tensions which Jesus said would be there."

Fantasy Island – Part I

Ladies don't ignore the reality that with the good of the internet, also comes evil! Online pornography destroys marriages. If your mate is addicted to manly fantasies have him read Pastor Kenny Luck's new series FANTASY ISLAND offering powerful and practical advice to men who struggle with this battle.

Reject Broken Male Culture – Uprising Part III

Women need our men to lead and protect us spiritually in marriage, family and as a society. Pastor Kenny Luck says men need to be strong enough to go all the way to the cross with our Father. "This is our time: YOUR time, guys."
Cowboy on a Horse wearing a Plaid Shirt - the cure to broken male culture

Cultural Manhood Fails The World – Uprising Part II

Part of a series by Pastor Kenny Luck called “Uprising,” where God’s men seek to reject the material world and embrace God’s world. Luck exhorts that men are "called to a position of right leadership under our Father," modeled by His Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
black horse white horse, broken male culture

Broken Male Culture: A Call to Arms

SCH contributor, Pastor Kenny Luck's series “Uprising” takes us on a journey into the broken male culture, where Christian men need God to reveal and help them live in the masculinity God has designed for them.