The Rewards of Praise And Trust

How is your faith today? Are you in a dungeon of sorts, suffering the loss of a dear one, a job, a reputation, income, health?SCH Contributor Marion Pyle encourages readers to live in praise and trust even in the hard times.
Potter at work shaping the clay SCH

Your Life is a Divine Masterpiece

SCH Contributor Marion Pyle reminds us that our life is a divine masterpiece and we should roll out our carpet and have a moment of true reflection and rest

How Integrative Treatments Can Help Heal Cancer

In 2012, we discovered that my husband had a deadly form of bladder cancer. His diagnosis took an even darker turn the day we learned that his type of malignancy would not even respond to chemotherapy or radiat...

God’s Blessing In The Wilderness

SCH Contibutor Marion Pyle shares from her book "Healed, Healthy, and Whole" about specfific ways we can see God's blessing in the wilderness

Hope Is At The Heart of Healing

SCH Contributor Marion M. Pyle shares about a time in her life where she learned effective ways to remain steadfast in the Lord when trials arise and find hope at the heart of healing.

Integrative Approaches to Health and Healing

Even when conventional medicine may fail, God still moves in the lives of His children. SCH Contributor Marion Pyle tells her true story of His amazing power healing and faithfulness.