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Last edited on: February 3, 2016.

In 2012, we discovered that my husband had a deadly form of bladder cancer. His diagnosis took an even darker turn the day we learned that his type of malignancy would not even respond to chemotherapy or radiation. Having lived what we thought was a healthy lifestyle up until that point, we knew little about cancer treatments except that that chemo and radiation were standard protocols. Deprived of those options, we felt not only condemned but abandoned. Those were difficult and terrifying days. But, as we were to learn, when God’s in charge, nothing is ever hopeless.

This closed door led us on a furious quest to find alternatives. What we discovered was so life-changing—and life-saving—that not only did my husband get completely healed, but he’s healthier today than every before! I’ve shared our step-by-step process and treatments in my book “Healed, Healthy and Whole, How We Beat Cancer with Integrative Therapies and Essential Healing Strategies” (

I wrote it to honor God, help people…and, hopefully, save more lives!


When we first started our journey, we knew nothing about integrative oncology, but it’s amazing. As the name indicates, integrative medicine combines the best of traditional protocols with alternative therapies, because neither side has all the answers. It seeks to repair the immune system so the body can fully cooperate with destroying the cancer.

One of my husband’s therapies was BCG—baccilus calmetter guerin—a tubercolisis vaccine that is primarily used to provide immunity from tuberculosis. However, when introduced into the bladder, it so inflames the area, that the bladder’s own immune system goes into overdrive and fights off the ‘intruder, ’ or cancer cells. It proved very successful in my husband’s case.

However, BCG was only one of seven integrative treatments that we used. While my husband did have tumor-removal surgery before we’d discovered the alternative approaches, all of his subsequent treatments were non invasive, non toxic, painless, and immune-boosting…and they all worked together to nurse him back to complete health.



When we began our journey in March 2102, the doctor told us there was a 95 percent chance that my husband would have to have his bladder removed, followed by the prostate, to save his life. Even then, they gave him only 5 years to live, at most. By following the integrative treatments, on January 2013, my husband was declared cancer-free, and he continues to be healed, healthy and whole to this day.  To God be the glory!

While many people think that eating organic foods, drinking alkaline water and avoiding environmental toxins is enough, the truth is, there are many other essentials to boosting our body’s defense mechanisms. One of the most important and frequently overlooked is the role of detoxification.

In order for the immune system to do its job of finding and killing cancer cells, it must not be distracted from its main mission. Dr. Chas Grant reports that too much toxicity from germs (viruses, yeasts, bacteria, parasites) and pollutants (air, food and water) causes the immune system to weaken and lose its effectiveness.


Thankfully, there are several detoxifying approaches that work effectively to help repair a compromised immune system. Cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment, so creating an oxgen rich climate can provs hostile to malignancies, by  boosting the white blood cell count and helping to fortify the body’s defense mechanisms.


Treatments like colon hydrotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, IV hydrogen peroxide and ozone are excellent detoxification therapies and a routine part of any well designed integrative approach. Coffee enemas also deserve a mention as effective and complementary means of cleansing the system of unwanted pollutants.

However, though detoxification is a key cancer-fighting strategy, it should  form part of a larger comprehensive approach that must be administered under the care of a reputable alternative oncologist. Not only are there as many as 200 different kinds of cancers, but every patient’s condition is unique and deserves a personalized protocol to ensure maximum effectiveness. A stunning fact is that, given the right approaches, the human body will readily cooperate with healing strategies in its efforts to reach a full recovery.



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