Wedding Couple Kiss Rose Petals Spring SCH

Wedding Style – Focus on Love

Weddings often bring a lot of stress, SCH Contributor Nise Davies reminds new brides and their mothers to focus on love during the season of wedding planning.

Stylish New Reading Glasses

My grandmother was a beautiful and fabulous woman; I just wasn't ready to look her age yet! When I read that Lookie Lous would make me look like Bono's girlfriend rather than my grandmother, I just had to buy a pair!

Oscar Observations

For all of us who love fashion, watching the coverage of the Red Carpet can be even more entertaining than watching the movies that are nominated for best film!

Women on the Red Carpet

As Christian filmmakers are working to bring light into the industry, women who aspire to be role models often face a challenge in selecting a modest Red Carpet dress.

Timeless Tips

Here's a timeless fashion tip if your goal is to make your legs look longer and slimmer: choose heels that blend in with your skin tone. This creates the illusion of longer, slimmer and curvier legs!
Ben Davies Stop Human Trafficking Bracelet

Fashion With Passion

How do you use fashion to share your passion? For some people, like Courageous film star, Ben Davies, fashion is a way he shows his support for a cause he is passionate about.