fasting and prayer

7 Ways Fasting and Prayer Can Change Our Lives

Do you long to go deeper in your faith? To experience more of God than ever before? SCH Contributor Suzanne Niles shares life-changing stories of Biblical prayer and fasting, as well as some practical tips.

Resisting The Enemy

Stand strong in your battles! SCH Contributor Suzanne Niles reminds readers of the importance of resisting the enemy and remaining strong in Jesus
fasting and intercession

Fasting and Intercession

Fast and pray and have faith that He is a deliverer! SCH Contributor Suzanne Niles shares about the way fasting and intercession can impact your life.
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The One On The White Horse

SCH Contributor, Suzanne Niles, shares an excerpt from her new book "Fast Friends: The Amazing Power of Friendship, Fasting, and Prayer" about the way she imagines Jesus as one who rode in on a white horse proclaiming his love for you.

Date Night With Jesus

Authors Suzanne Niles and Wendy Simpson Little share an excerpt from their new book, "Fast Friends", about another sacrificial way of denying self and seeking the Lord

Top 10 Ways NOT To Fast

Co-author of the new book "Fast Friends: The Amazing Power of Fasting, Friendship, and Prayer", Wendy Simpson Little, provides readers with 10 things to avoid during a time of fasting