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Last edited on: December 12, 2015.
  • An excerpt from “Fast Friends, The Amazing Power of Friendship, Fasting and Prayer” by
    Suzanne Niles and Wendy Simpson Little
    I am prone to fast like a Pharisee. I came up with the list below fairly easily because I have
    either done these things or been tempted to do them during days of fasting.
    Here are the top 10 ways NOT to fast.
    We will begin with way number ten, counting toward the numberone way no to fast:
    10. Complain loudly and frequently about how hungry you are to anyone who’ll listen, even if it’s to the mailman. If he seems disinterested, make note to try the paperboy.
    9. Sound pathetic and call your husband at work.  Ask him to describe in detail what he ate for lunch. Ask frequent questions about the way the food was prepared and presented if he ate out. Remind him you’re fasting, in case he forgot.
    8. Watch cooking shows on television and begin planning your meal to break your fast. Start early in the morning so you can consume as many  hours as possible thinking about food.
    7. Weigh yourself each hour. Consume more time going through your closet. See if your jeans are looser than they were an hour ago. Then think about the outfit you might be able to pull together with those jeans tomorrow! Try on as many  options as possible.
    6. Spend some time on the computer, make  unimportant phone calls, or browse catalogsanything to keep your mind off that growling tummy.
    5. Try to make your children as miserable as you  are. Remind them why you are so grumpy, shorttempered,  and unable to make cookies with them or dinner for thembecause you are fasting!
    4. If you are at work, make sure to let your boss and coworkers know you are fasting. Use it as an excuse for laziness, exhaustion, sloppy work, and missing that noontime staff meeting. After all, you are fasting and don’t need to be around that tempting pizza they order in.
    3. Call all of your friends and family the day before to remind them you are fasting and won’t be able to join in any gettogethers. Burden them with any of your shirked responsibilities. After all, you’ve got enough on your (empty) plate.
    2. Next, call your Christian friends and the church prayer chain. Alert them to your need for prayer for your fast. Don’t bother asking if they have any prayer requests. You will need all your energy to focus on your own needs.
    And the numberone way to fast like a Pharisee …
    1. Be very proud at the end of your fast. You made it! And if you didn’t have any time to spend praying,  seeking God, or reading His Word, don’t blame yourself! After all, you were fasting. Certainly that will impress God (and everyone else you can think to tell)!
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