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Superglue Relationships – Recovery from Codependency

The crisis of codependency always leaves us holding the short end of the stick. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell, through real-life scenarios, explains how only God's perfect love can bring true recovery from codependency.

The Need to Be Perfect

Do you suffer from performance anxiety? SCH contributor, Tracey Mitchell, identifies the steps to overcoming perfectionism and finding a more balanced life of enjoyment!
how to find a healthy relationship

How to Find a Healthy Relationship | The Capacity for Love

Have you ever loved someone so much, yet never felt the love returned? How do you move on? SCH Contributor, Dr. Tracey Mitchell sheds light on our different love capacities, giving godly advice on how to find healthy relationships.
the affirmation junkie

The Affirmation Junkie

Did you know you can become the affirmation junkie? Dr. Tracey Mitchell explains "compliments are like an adrenaline rush: they offer a quick emotional high, but before long the effects begin to wear off, the downward surge begins, and the search for the next emotional fix begins."

Players, Predators, and Parasites

Who are the villains who prey on the innocent, unsuspecting, and vulnerable among us? At times it is hard to know who to trust and how to avoid being manipulated, but SCH Contributor Tracey Mitchell provides a path for you to begin your "healing journey toward wholeness."

The Control Freak

Do you have friends who need to control everything? SCH Contributor Tracey Mitchell talks about ways to transform control issues associated with rejection. Take the quiz and evaluate if your relationships are healthy.