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Defeating Mind Games With Honest Communication

When strong disagreements arise, it's easy to succumb to the flesh and fall into anger. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell helps us to understand that how honest communication is the key to defeating mind games.

Know When to Cut the Cord

How do we, as parents, find the balance between guiding our children and letting them freely grow up? SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell teaches on the dangers of codependent relationships which may form from our fear of rejection.

Conquering Your Fears

The unknown can paralyze us, causing an inability to live out life freely. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell proclaims a life of fearless joy, trusting the truth of God's protection.
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Escape a Dysfunctional Relationship Through Jesus

To escape a dysfunctional relationship and leap into freedom takes courage that only comes from Jesus Christ. Speaker Dr. Tracey Mitchell reminds you the healthiest relationships are not formed out of past pain, but out of future expectation and trust in the Father.

Pure Love

How can love be given with no strings attached? SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell declares the truth of God's unconditional love for us simply because we are His children.

Jealousy: The Ultimate Charade

In attempts to hide our insecurities and protect ourselves from the world, we put on masks to disguise the battles within. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell declares a free life, finding security and truth in who we are created to be.