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Dear Weary Mom, Do You Feel Lost?

Parenting can leave mothers feeling tired and lost. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer encourages moms to take time to turn off auto-pilot and look to God. He will help guide your course.

Running the Blended Family Marathon

If you're going to run a race, you have to start by training! SCH Contributor Elizabeth Oates shares her insights on making a smooth family transition.

Nurturing Your Blended Family – Part III

Do you need godly advice on how to be a better step parent? In this segment Pastor Steve Carr offers biblical solutions for raising step-children in your blended family.

Nurturing Your Blended Family – Part II

The truth is resentment can easily build in a blended family. Pastor Steve Carr uses biblical truths in highlighting delicate topics and offers solid advice to overcome common pitfalls in your blended family.