mom and teen daughter together in a field at sunset - stay at home mom returning to work

Before A Stay At Home Mom Returns To Work

Have you taken time off to raise a family and are considering returning to work? SCH Contributor and Founder of 4Word Diane Paddison details what you need to know before re-entering the work force.
old wooden dock overlooking lake with mountains - quitting your job

Quitting Your Job The Professional Way

If you are considering quitting your job, remember grace and professionalism reflects your faith. SCH Contributor, Diane Paddison provides wisdom and guidance for moving from your current employment.
Pretty Woman in Art Gallery Pensive - getting rid of excuses

8 Questions For Setting Work Boundaries

SCH Contributor Phil Cooke challenges us to raise the bar and asks 8 questions about setting work boundaries in order to grow our ministries and our relationships.

Are You the Office “Mean Girl”?

What role do you play in the workplace? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison reveals the misconceptions women sometimes have about getting ahead, as well as words of wisdom on being a positive influence.